I love Comic Con so much, you guys.

Check out this art I got this year! First up, the original art for Cat Staggs’ redrawn part of the most recent Smallville cover. It’s so beautiful I want to cry, and cost enough that I did not end up getting as many sketches in my Lois theme book as I was planning, haha. NO REGRETS. Look at how beautiful it is. Bask in that beauty.

Second, the Mike McKone head sketch I got to kick off said Lois themed sketchbook. I wasn’t sure who to ask first, and I wandered around in a bemused haze for about half an hour before I decided on Mike. It seemed fitting to me, because when I started getting really into comics, the first ongoing book I started purchasing monthly was Teen Titans, with Mike’s art. And the sketch turned out lovelier than I dared to hope. :’)

Oh, and since I went to Cat’s booth with the intention of getting a sketch from her in my book, but instead bought that cover art, I couldn’t resist also buying this Lois sketch, which I believe was a practice for her original design for issue number 3’s cover, which featured Clark/Superman/Lois rather than Lex/Superman/Tess. Apparently “they” (I assume that means editors) made her change it. :( But this is a lovely sketch based on one of my favorite Erica photos, so obviously I love it.

Also. ALSO. Kate Beaton drew Fat Pony on my birthday, ok! Worth the price of admission alone, that. I love Kate Beaton so much I could claw off my own face. I wish I wasn’t such an anxiety-ridden doofus and said more to her when I met her, but c’est la vie. BIRTHDAY FAT PONY!

And then there was that time I asked a Lois question at the Superman panel and holy crap, they gave me a signed, Jim Lee-sketched hardcover Justice League volume 1 as a prize?! I was bowled over. I’m not used to being rewarded for being a Lois fan! It was pretty excellent, and I was also pleasantly surprised by my question receiving long, thought-out answers this time…in 2010, I just got a lot of “no plans for her” with the exception of Cornell’s answer, which was to gush about how great writing a Lois comic would be, which was, granted, super endearing. 

So basically, the art related stuff alone would have made this the best con ever.

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